RevGo Global Adds Two New Satcom BUCs Products

By Admin | Press Releases 09-08-2016

Reston, Virginia, USA, July 6, 2018 – RevGo Global produces satellite earth station RF systems and has well over 500,000 transceivers deployed in the Ku-, Ka-, C-, and DBS-bands with output powers ranging from 2 to 200 watts.

Without question, the number satellite platforms planned for GEO, LEO, and MEO are demanding new RF solutions with greater linearity, expanded frequencies and bandwidths, higher efficiencies, smaller size and weight, and lower costs compared to traditional satcom systems.

Today, RevGo Global began shipping two additional products in response to its evolving customer requirements:

16W Ku BUC_RF no logo

• Ku-Band 16W IFL BUC, ideal for mobile applications / VSAT fixed / mobile / portable / terminals / or any system striving to reduce costs. This new 16W BUC complements RevGo’s current Ku-Band IFL BUC 4,6 and 8W series. Its low DC consumption makes it compatible with most satcom modems eliminating the need of external power supply and cable required for traditional 16W BUCs. Also, its low DC consumption makes it an ideal choice for battery operated terminals.


• Ka-Band 6W Transceiver with an electronic polarization switching function, ideal for com-on-the-move or any system requiring polarization change, cross-pol, or co-pol. Selecting polarization is user defined through the communication interface.

About RevGo Global
RevGo Global was founded in 2003 in Reston, Virginia, USA, by experienced satcom executives. RevGo Global is the highest volume producer of RF modules in the Ku-, Ka-, C-, and DBS-frequencies. The team’s expertise is “high volume” RF productization techniques resulting in the highest reliability (>80,000-hour MTBFs) at the lowest cost, as well as, designing highly linear RF (up to 4096QAM) for its sister company’s point-to-point microwave solutions.

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